‘WandaVision’: A superhero mystery wrapped in a sitcom (review)

Two Marvel superheroes find themselves happily trapped, with no memory, inside what seems to be a classic suburban sitcom where everything is all right — right?

Pause & Breathe: January 2021

Dear Fabulist friends and family ... We're taking a break in January 2021 to pause, breathe, plow through a giant heap of administrative ...

Fantastical Fiction, Art and Social Change

Science fiction and fantasy are powerful vehicles for social critique. But that better future we all dream about occasionally requires a little real-world midwifery.

The Rattlesnake

In which the Gorgon's rageful vengeance against male sexual violence becomes a terrifying mirror of her own wounded heart.

Mirrors of an Artificial Mind

An artist fed 600 modern portraits into a neural network, which the AI saw, as if through shimmering depths of water, as a series of dreamlike and goblinesque "reflections."

‘The Wedding Exit’ & Others

Composed of words culled from the front pages of daily news sources, these vivid fantasias read as mythic shadows of contemporary life.

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