The Girl Beneath

In this eerie take on a central tale of the Arthurian mythos, the Lady of the Lake is reimagined as a surface-dwelling girl, transformed by time and strife into the jealous warden of Excalibur, the legendary sword of power.

Remember, Remember: November 2020

Memory is a type of storytelling. And there is a knife-edge to telling such stories. In one hand, the story becomes a means ...

Fantastical Fiction, Art and Social Change

Science fiction and fantasy are powerful vehicles for social critique. But that better future we all dream about occasionally requires a little real-world midwifery.

Just After You Open Your Eyes: Paintings by Theresa Pisani

What is it you just caught a glimpse of? Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you struggle to carry the swirl of images and emotions over to the waking world ...

Worse Than Wolves

A holiday party in the California desert takes a surrealistic and disorienting turn, awash with all the unresolved dread and sublimated panic of a David Lynch movie.

The Siege

A war with no end gives way to an extraordinary, endless summer of peace and healing — all betrayed by idle cruelty and the failure of memory.

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