We spent the day together on the island. I had never been there before, but it has been my sister’s home forever. We sat on the sand, running rivulets of it through our fingers, and gazed across the water at the city while we talked.  “Tell me about your life,” my sister urged me, and so I did. I told her about my two children, ...
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Wow, our open call was insanely epic

Just a quick note to express our astonishment at the sheer volume of manuscripts — 350! — we received through The Fabulist's Fall 2021 open call for short fantastical fiction. That's more than twice as many as the 172 submissions we received last year. Working through the "slush pile," as it's known as, is a difficult process; the levels of skill, craft and accomplishment vary ...
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Here is the Future You Requested • November 2021

Here we are, it’s the future now, and it kinda reads like a science-fiction novel: Global pandemic, fascistic kleptocracy on the rise in the U.S. along with a burgeoning militia movement, surveillance states, border-crossing impacts of climate change, and Boston Dynamic is making robots that could easily serve as autonomous weapons.  In fact, I just saw an article about another robot company that's created a ...
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