A Long Way Down

If a pin dropped, she wouldn’t be able to hear it. It was Christmas, her first with a man that she wanted her family to meet.  She'd come straight home from college. She’d taken the bus after her last class straight back to the home she grew up in. The first thing her mother made her do was change from her comfortable blue jeans to ...
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Slush Pile Status Report

We are at present a bit less than halfway through the slush pile from our 2021 open call for short fiction. We received 350 manuscripts, and have 174 to go. We've accepted five so far, and 66 are going into second reads. The remainder are not yet reviewed or have been declined. It's a slow process! Declines are almost always a matter a taste, and ...
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Why We Never Charge Reading Fees

We launched a Patreon page to help us pay our contributors and cover our operating expenses. Thanks for signing up! While you ponder this, let's talk about another potential revenue stream, which seems like a no-brainer, but actually is the worst idea possible: Reading fees. But really, why not? After all, reading slush is work. In fact, we're taking this entire month of January off ...
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