Devil in Her Heart

Rich dropped the needle on their newest album, grinning as George parodied the countdown they’d used in the good old days. Then he flung himself down on the patchwork corduroy pouf in the corner of the oversized living room. He listened to the music with his eyes closed, hands unconsciously finding the beat. * The ...
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Submissions Now OPEN for Short Fantastical Fiction Thru Nov. 12

The Fabulist Magazine is now open through November 12 for submissions of short (up to 3,000 words) fantastical fiction. • We are open to all forms of science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, literary fabulism, mythology, folktales, genre remixes and the like. • We will read and respond to submissions through January 2022; selected works will be scheduled for publication throughout 2022. • And, big news, as a first ...
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Harvest Moon • October 2021

Already October. The year ripening, yielding, and still so much ahead. Our careful cultivation of these pages has yielded a frightfully fantastical lineup for you this October — plus some news to share that has us howling with delight. Take a breath. Shall we begin? 1) New fiction, poetry, and more We're so pleased with this month's featured fiction, poetry and reviews. New works published ...
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