The Vision Family (Virginia, Viv, Vision and Vin), from Marvel's Earth-616.
The Vision Family (Virginia, Viv, Vision and Vin), from Marvel's Earth-616.

Here’s a li’l dish of Disney’s latest Star Wars and Marvel trailers …

Trailers, photos and more for The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, WandaVision, Moon Knight, She Hulk and What If ... ? on the big and small screens.

(Above, the new WandaVision TV series appears to be pegged to a 2015 Marvel comic.)

There’s a dope new trailer-ish thing for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, mashing up previous episodes and teasing this December’s debut:

The Mandalorian, the new, live-action Star Wars TV series, also has a trailer. It’s set not long after the end of the fall of the Empire. Werner Herzog guest stars as a man who says ominous things in the voice of Werner Herzog. A second season is already in production. It will be released weekly on Disney+ beginning later this year. It looks like the scum and villainy show/movie you always wanted.

The Kenobi show is officially happening. Takes place eight years after the end of the prequel trilogy. It will be a miniseries, and will cover the beginning of Old Ben’s exile on Tatooine watching over young Luke from afar. Starring Ewen MacGregor.

Moon Knight (who?), She Hulk and Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel — yes, yes, a thousand times yes!) are getting live action series on Disney+.

The WandaVision Disney+ series looks like it’s based on the recent eerie/comedic comic series in which Vision tried to start a robot family in ’50s-esque suburbs.

The animated Disney+ Marvel What If? series will feature Agent Carter as Captain Britain in at least one episode!

The Star Wars hotel coming to Orlando is a two-day experience on a cruise ship in space. Everyone arrives and leaves at the same time. Because it’s a cruise ship. In space. It makes one stop, at Batuu, the planet in the Star Wars land at Disney World.

Guests at the new Disney hotel will board a cruise-ship simulation of the starship Halcyon.

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