A marriage of cats

Extravagance, vanity, disruption and the dreary fascinations of would-be celebrity weddings are revealed as essentially absurd in poet Tim Xonnelly's abstruse contribution to The Fabulist.

they must be held
still or made to stay awake

the long bus ride felt like a pupae
my sunburnt back crackling to crispy bits

these are the wings I wore to the wedding
uninvited like a tabloid helicopter

world wants to see
the dress the cake the sumptuous grounds the

glittering glittering crowd

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Tim Xonnelly

Tim Xonnelly

Tim Xonnelly is a retired autism paraprofessional and union officer. He is currently splitting time between Berkeley, California and Portland, Oregon. His poetry has been in Eleven Eleven, Full of Crow, The Dead Animal Handbook, Oakland Review, Sparkle & Blink, and the Otis Books anthology Cross Strokes: Poetry Between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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