Charles Bierwirth

San Francisco has been Charles Bierwirth’s home since 1978. Born in Flint, Michigan, Charles studied art at the Flint Institute of Arts, and received his BFA in painting at Eastern Michigan University in 1978. He moved to San Francisco to obtain his MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1980. After a brief stint teaching art, his interest turned to mural painting. In the past few years, Charles has spent his energy primarily on fine art.

Theatrical Surfaces, Hidden Depths

"Susie Satellite," copyright (c) Charles Bierwirth"Pen Pal," copyright (c) Charles Bierwirth"Advance Guard," copyright (c) Charles Bierwirth"Aliens," copyright (c) Charles Bierwirth"Paper Cut," copyright (c) Charles Bierwirth"Scenario," copyright (c) Charles Bierwirth"Untitled Map," copyright (c) Charles Bierwirth"Three Wishes," ...