Daniel “Cactus” Hintz

Daniel “Cactus” Hintz (“New Existence” and “To Broil a Horse”) performs in the experimental ensembles Leavenworth and the Hydrogen Pellets. He also publishes poetry and collaborates on the cassette-only label Nice Ass Tapes.

New Existence

By Daniel “Cactus” Hintz / September 7, 2008 / 0 Comments

She pervades all things. 1918 was the best of all creatures. You fear possible negative public feeling against them, and you cannot now retain my attention. Besides learned men from his meditation days, by asking of the north, she held him over a vat, a very large party with death. Know me who I am: […]

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To Broil a Horse

By Daniel “Cactus” Hintz / June 21, 2008 / 0 Comments

Title and theme went on and on: old Ralph Rinkelmann and his innumerable rubber trees in the center of a basin. And wringing from them the juice of a lemon. To broil a horse. It closed around him. Here and there, for five minutes, tender boil’d, thick, with a little milk. The major general served […]

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