David Goldberg

David Goldberg (“Confluence: Five Landscapes” and “Chimerae: Three Portraits”) is a San Francisco photographer whose images have shown extensively in both the Bay Area and Los Angeles. He has published three books and is an instructor of photography at UC Berkeley.

Confluence: Five Landscapes

These are digital captures of large-scale, double-exposed analogue film prints, and Goldberg's second set of images published on The Fabulist. "Horticulture 7" (c) David Goldberg"Horticulture 4" (c) David Goldberg"Horticulture 1" (c) David Goldberg"Horticulture 6" (c) ...

Chimera: Three Self-Portraits

"Self Portait — Animal" (c) by David Goldberg"Self Portrait — Vegetable" (c) by David Goldberg"Self Portrait — Mineral" (c) by David Goldberg