Dirk Van Nouhuys

I’m a native of Berkeley with a BA from Stanford in creative writing and an MA from Columbia in contemporary literature. I worked for decades as a tech writer and manager in Silicon Valley. In the 21st century, I devoted full time to fiction. I write short stories, some experimental forms, and occasionally verse, but mostly novels, four of which have been published in excerpts or serially. About 90 items of fiction and a few poems have appeared in literary or general magazines. I occasionally publish translations and photography. You can learn more about me at my web site, www.wandd.com and see a slightly out of date list of publications at:  http://www.wandd.com/Site/Publications.html. (Author photo: Andy Ruina)

Special Services

I'm from La Jolla, but most of my clients are from Texas, mostly Dallas. They drive here in Lincolns and ...