Gail Trunick

“My clay and mixed media sculptures range from whimsical to ethereal and I strive to create work with context and meaning. My pieces tell stories, discuss events, narrate biographies and make strong statements. Making art is a problem-solving process in which texture and form are my catalyst. My work is often a metaphor for life, which is full of happiness and sadness, comings and goings, loss and recovery, upheaval and calm, forward thrusts and backward pushes. I use everything I see and dream to weave images in my minds eye into works of sculpture. My heart, my sense of humor, and my style of rendering my thoughts into three dimensions, are what make my sculptures uniquely mine. I am committed to going beyond what is in view and toward what I have yet to discover.” — Gail Trunick View a short video on Trunick:

Goblins from the Dustbin

Gail Trunick's whimsical, crafty and creepy sculptures are conjured from the detritus of life's neglected corners. It's a type of zoölogical survey, cataloging the peculiar goblins and fantods that propagate in the junk barns and ...