James Hirtz

James Hirtz (“The Men”) is a graduate of Kent State University and the Universit of Akron. He writes on the authorial experience for his blog Now Trending. Previously published fiction can be viewed at Blood Lotus, (A Brilliant) Record, Slow Trains, Unheard Magazine, and Southpaw Journal (Editor’s Choice selection). His poetry can be enjoyed in Psychic Meatloaf and The Monarch Review.

The Men

By James Hirtz / March 29, 2011 / 2 Comments

Sonoma, California, writer James Hritz’s “The Men” is a surrealist barnburner that gets out the gate with a full pack of existential whatever, and brings it home with a sunsplashed psych-o-delic denouement that might be the ending to an unwritten subplot of “The Yellow Submarine.” At first you’ll be all, “Jeez, what’s up with all […]

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