James Willaman

James Willaman suffers from RAS or Restless Artist Syndrome. His condition compels James to tour almost constantly, both nationally and internationally, with a wide array of musical acts, from an Elton John impersonators to Austin based singer-songwriters. Recently, James has begun to focus on original material, recording A Trip to the City with Terry Dach in 2012, and releasing his first solo CD, The Mystery is Here, in late 2013. In his work with the Walnut Lodge over the last 14 years, James has also written several plays including two musicals. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literature from Westminster College (2005) and a Master’s Degree in the field of Islamic History in South and Central Asia from The University of Wisconsin (2008) learning both Farsi and Urdu in the course of his studies. Check him out at jameswillaman.com/.

The Changeling (A Shakespearean Prequel)

"She never had so sweet a changeling," says Puck of the Indian prince either stolen or adopted by the fairy queen Titania. The status of the child is the root of her dispute with Oberon, ...