Jason Wyman

Jason Wyman is Queerly Complex, an anti-binary artist living and creating on Yelamu, unceded Raymatush Ohlone land (aka San Francisco). Dreams, observation, presence, and radical vulnerability form the core of Wyman's practice, and their art and words reveal the messy, emotive, and esoteric bits that help us live amidst the chaos of death and decay. Wyman's work has resulted in a large-scale participatory sticker mural with artists Celi Tamayo-Lee and Mary-Claire Amable for the Asian Art Museum called #StickyQuestions; a national Youth Media Network and intergenerational National Fellowship for the Alliance for Media Arts & Culture from 2016-2020; and a model for change management designed with Crystal Mason called the Tree of Change that is helping artists, organizations, and businesses take radical leaps into this emergent reality of constantly unfolding crises. Wyman currently provides creative consulting services, including merchandising, illustration and design, coaching, and production development/ideation, as well as an online retail store featuring their visual work. Their mission in life is to help weirdos and queerdos express their complex feels and radical beliefs so that we can find our comrades for the end of the world. You can find Jason on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the handle: @queerlycomplex.

The Seedling

I should have known that the scab on my chest beside my left nipple was more than just a scab. I couldn’t remember ever cutting or scratching myself.  I should have known something was off ...