John Mosbaugh

John Mosbaugh aka Moze is an SF Bay Area heretic and writer who's been writing about that thing in the desert, the 90s when SF was fun, and his dogs. He read his take on the City in cafes a long time ago then moved out East Oakland way where the evangelicals founded Beulah 1850ish. He began raising tomatoes as a big farming phenomenon unmatched by anyone else at the foot of the hills. No Fog. Now he just argues with shitheads on social media when he craves a little rush of adrenaline and he's observing how scared entitled humans dealt with a virus that invaded their safe space over the last 15 months. Gravity is real. It's best to just let the turds flush themselves.

Let’s Do Earth

Lunch in the home multiverse where Jenny and I are sitting around thinking what we'll do after we finish eating.  It was a really good meal with friends. Shit was sparkling all around.  I turn ...