Leah Erickson

Leah Erickson is the author of the novel "The Brambles" (2017) and the upcoming novel "Blythe of the Gates." She is a gold medal winner of the 2018 Independent Press Award, a gold medal winner of the 2018 Independent Book Award, and a silver medal winner of the Readers' Favorite Award. Her short fiction has appeared in many magazines and journals in print and online, including The Fabulist, Pantheon Magazine, The Saint Ann’s Review, Eclectica, The Coachella Review, and many more. She lives near Newport, Rhode Island with her husband and daughter.

Ministry of Presence

By Leah Erickson / March 29, 2013 / 0 Comments

Leah Erickson’s “Ministry of Presence” is a haunting tale of memory and need, set on an anonymous tropical island and playing out amidst devouring change. Rebellion and fire sweep across the land, the ash settling “in soft drifts and mounds almost up to the windowsills of the old folk’s home.”

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