Martha Nance

Martha Nance is a physician in Minnesota whose iPhone, bored as it stares at her desk or pocket all day, sneaks outside to take pictures of the fountain outside her office. It is intrigued by the play of sunlight on the burbling water at different times of day over the course of the summer, and it figured out quickly that there are an infinite number of images to be had. It then harasses her to look at the photographs and uncover the colors and textures and ideas hidden within them. This is a set of images that all turn out to be about Time in one way or another.

The Waters of Time

Freed from the constraints of space, time explodes. (c) Martha NanceGrandfather painted a picture of his last second. (c) Martha NanceSeconds bumped into each other when time stopped abruptly. (c) Martha NanceSunday has a lengthy ...