Robinne Weiss

I am an educator and entomologist who has never been able to control her writing habit. I write speculative fiction, non-fiction and poetry. My short stories have most recently appeared in the anthologies Magic Portals, Aftermath, Alternative Deathiness, and Te Kōrero Ahi Kā, and have won multiple awards. I’ve published twelve books, including a series of middle grade fantasy novels infested with dragons, a lighthearted urban fantasy, an epic YA fantasy series, a book of poetry, and some rather more serious non-fiction about insects. I live in rural New Zealand. Visit me online at:, Facebook: AuthorRobinneWeiss, Twitter: @RobinneWeiss, Instagram: @robinneweiss

Five Hundred Pieces

I was six when Dad left Mum and me in a storm of curses and broken dishes. After that, it was quieter at home, and I saw Dad every second weekend.  He gave me the ...