Roger Leege

Roger Leege draws on his past as a lawn boy, meat cutter, storyteller, trucker, EMT, trim carpenter, bass player, painter, embalmer’s assistant, printmaker, analog photographer, journalist, videographer, dissident, educator, computer scientist, Florida man, and very private investigator, to create words and pictures that range from straight to strange. He started out as a painter, printmaker, and an analog photographer, earning BA and MA degrees in Visual Arts from Goddard College. During postgrad university study in computer science, he was an early adopter and evangelist for digital art and artists’ tools. Selected portfolios are at

Erewhon, and Other Strange Utopias

[Vote for Roger Leege's "Erewhon and Other Strange Utopias" in the 1st Annual Utopia Awards — polls are now open though Aug. 21, 2022.] Selene (c) Roger LeegeRemembering Lou Jacobs (c) Roger LeegeEmmett's Mask (c) ...