Sandeep Shete

Sandeep Shete ('SandyVisual') is a self-taught visual artist who creates digital artworks and single-panel gag cartoons in his free time. His work has appeared in American and Indian publications such as The Esthetic Apostle, 45th Parallel, Chaleur Magazine, Rumble Fish Quarterly, Reading Hour, and Fireside (an in-house corporate magazine). Sandeep lives and works in India and shares some of his creations on Instagram and Facebook under the handle @sandyvisual.

Dreamtime Borderlands: The Art of Sandeep Shete

Crossing from ordinary life into its distorted dreamtime reflection, Sandeep Shete's vivid black-and-white illustrations invoke underground comix, or concert posters for imaginary psychedelic garage bands. His clean lines and stark contrasts are complemented by a ...