Awards, Honors & Nice Stuff People Are Saying

November 30, 2022: Absolutely thrilled to share that Morgan MacVaugh’s freaked-out flash fiction “Creature” was longlisted by Ellen Datlow for her “Best Horror of the Year Vol. 14” anthology!

November 17, 2022: “For fantasy and sci-fi, I love all of these.” A nice person has included us in a list of rather notable spec-fic publishers …

November 16, 2022: We got some good ink from MetaStellar, which quoted The Fabulist in an article about the chaos at Twitter following its ownership change …

“Last up this week is new-to-me author Ashley Libey with ‘Tree Full of Robins.’ This story appeared at The Fabulist, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite publications to read.”
The Horror Tree, October 21, 2022

October 1, 2022: CONGRATS to Roger Leege, for winning the 2022 Utopia Award in “Utopian Art” category, for his Fabulist Mag gallery “Erewhon and Other Strange Utopias”!

July 19, 2022: Oh, just getting retweeted by Neil Gaiman.

2022 Utopia Award finalists:
• Utopian Art: “Erewhon and Other Strange Utopias,” by Roger Leege (The Fabulist Magazine, April 9, 2021)
• Utopian Nonfiction: “Our Winter’s Tales,” by Josh Wilson (The Fabulist Magazine, December 21, 2021)

Pushcart Prize Editorial Board Nomination, “Wax Works,” by Rin Kelly (The Fabulist Magazine, March 6, 2021)