Bio-Incursions: Artworks by Lino Azevedo

How does technology influence your life? Painter Lino Azevedo's finely rendered artworks offer unsettling psychological insight into the question.

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area to Portuguese immigrants, and now teaching and making art in Savannah, Georgia, Lino Azevado is a painter whose mastery of the medium provokes unsettling psychological insights about the intrusions technology makes into our lives.

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  1. Paul Negri says

    Very striking and intriguing work. I prefer looking at art without commentary from the artists or art critics, to allow the art alone to elicit an unfettered response from me. What I see here does not impress me to be about the profit motive, but more a suggestion of the dehumanizing effects of technology. I love the men afloat in the forest. Enjoyed this much.

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Lino Azevedo

Lino Azevedo

Artist Statement
In a culture largely structured to value profit over people, what ways do we personally contribute to the continuation of this model? These paintings are an examination of how we dumb ourselves down with the overuse of technology and consumer mindsets, and therefore can fall prey to the profit motive as top priority in our society.

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