Mirrors of an Artificial Mind

December 12, 2020

An artist fed 600 modern portraits into a neural network, which the AI saw, as if through shimmering depths of water, as a series of dreamlike and goblinesque “reflections.”

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Just After You Open Your Eyes: Paintings by Theresa Pisani

November 20, 2020

What is it you just caught a glimpse of? Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you struggle to carry the swirl of images and emotions over to the waking world …

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Dreamtime Borderlands: The Art of Sandeep Shete

October 23, 2020

Crossing from ordinary life into its distorted dreamtime reflection, Sandeep Shete’s vivid black-and-white illustrations invoke underground comix, or concert posters for imaginary psychedelic garage bands.

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My Dear Deer: Paintings by Oksana Reznik

August 21, 2020

In “My Dear Deer,” Ukrainian painter Oksana Reznik depicts wild animals in formally surreal and modernist settings, reminding us of nature’s inevitable incursions into our manufactured, mediated, technological existence.

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Bio-Incursions: Artworks by Lino Azevedo

July 17, 2020

How does technology influence your life? Savannah, Georgia-based painter Lino Azevedo’s finely rendered artworks offer unsettling psychological insight into the question.

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Spectral Symmetries: Self-Portraiture by Brenda Mann Hammack

April 24, 2020

The mysteries of being grow ever-more obscure in the digitally manipulated self portraits of artist Brenda Mann Hammack.

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