A showcase for fantastical visual art, including painting, illustration, photography, and digital manipulation.

A Million Masks of God

ARTIST STATEMENT: My paintings animate archetypal imagery from our collective unconscious through the lens of historical symbolism and mythologies. The work is a combination of ...
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Passages and Revelations: Artwork by Karu Shao

The dizzying, vivid and multi-layered artworks in Karu Shao's "Record: You Are The Dust In The Space" have a revelatory quality that suggests passages and ...
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Erewhon, and Other Strange Utopias

Artist statement: "I believe that, in the best art work, regardless of artist, medium, or subject, there is a coherent, surprising, intensifying, and inseparable mixture ...
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Mirrors of an Artificial Mind

Artist Statement: I've been fascinated by how computers see us when they are competing against us in a video game, taking dictation, or pondering some ...
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Just After You Open Your Eyes: Paintings by Theresa Pisani

What is it you just caught a glimpse of? Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you struggle to carry the swirl of images and ...
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Dreamtime Borderlands: The Art of Sandeep Shete

Crossing from ordinary life into its distorted dreamtime reflection, Sandeep Shete's vivid black-and-white illustrations invoke underground comix, or concert posters for imaginary psychedelic garage bands. ...
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