A showcase for fantastical visual art, including painting, illustration, photography, and digital manipulation.

Just After You Open Your Eyes: Paintings by Theresa Pisani

What is it you just caught a glimpse of? Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you struggle to carry the swirl of images and ...
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Dreamtime Borderlands: The Art of Sandeep Shete

Crossing from ordinary life into its distorted dreamtime reflection, Sandeep Shete's vivid black-and-white illustrations invoke underground comix, or concert posters for imaginary psychedelic garage bands. ...
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My Dear Deer: Paintings by Oksana Reznik

The art of Ukrainian painter Oksana Reznik depicts both our sentimentalization of nature, and our alienation from it. In "My Dear Deer," Reznik's images of ...
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Bio-Incursions: Artworks by Lino Azevedo

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area to Portuguese immigrants, and now teaching and making art in Savannah, Georgia, Lino Azevado is a painter whose ...
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Spectral Symmetries: Self-Portraiture by Brenda Mann Hammack

The mysteries of being grow ever-more obscure in the digitally manipulated self portraits of Brenda Mann Hammack. Her art is surreal, spectral, even disturbing — ...
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Uneasy Alchemy: The Art of Aurora Consurgens

The unknown illustrator of the Aurora Consurgens, an obscure alchemical treatise of the 15th century, produced metaphor-rich artworks that are strangely raw, and full of ...
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