Verse in diverse forms, and fantastical in flavor.

Grocery Store Lockdown

“Coyotes are being seen on the empty streets of San Francisco” —SFGATE, March 26, 2020 What Is today?Does it matter? Waking Up coughingIn a panic Mistaking Hay fever For this ...
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The Dream of the Green Cave

Blood falls through his bodylike a pocketful of keys tossedinto the middle of the sea. Having dreamt last night of enteringthe green cave to hurl ...
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A More Inventive Child’s Mind: Two Poems

The poetry of North Carolina's Al Russell evokes the suburban legends, bewildering distractions and private grammar of free-range teenage life. Hanging Rock Lake And the ...
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‘Everyone’s old as the cold sun’: Two poems

"He lifted the oceans into stationary orbit over the earth." Nashville poet Tom Holmes explores apocalypse, evolution and the epochal transformation of daily life in ...
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They Speak

The 3D printer transmits a signal to ZUV, tear shaped, neutral temperatures, constant sirens, no trouble just noise pollution that can’t be stopped.  The “husband” ...
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Draught of Ambrosia

Caught withina glass of chardonnay,held aloft between thevalley of my palms:a globe of cobalt blue, iris, an abandoned sky. Speak, Daughter of Atlas.Tell them howwhen the ...
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