‘Everyone’s old as the cold sun’: Two poems

July 24, 2020

“He lifted the oceans into stationary orbit over the earth.” Nashville poet Tom Holmes explores apocalypse, evolution and the epochal transformation of daily life in verse that vaults time and the space between stars.

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They Speak

July 10, 2020

Virginia-based poet Sarah Lilius brings us an alienated DNA twist of speculative poetry that may very well be a close observation of a female human teen by some sort of abstracted collective intelligence.

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Draught of Ambrosia

June 19, 2020

Caught withina glass of chardonnay,held aloft between thevalley of my palms:a globe of cobalt blue, iris, an abandoned sky. Speak, Daughter of Atlas.Tell them howwhen the rain comes, only the thirst on one sideof the mountain will be quenched. These words of an oraclemurmured over the mindless babbleof cocktail talk — clinking crystal and fountains trickling in the […]

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When Pandora Burns

June 12, 2020

Created as a foil for mankind /
this beautiful mess /
is — in truth — a beautiful box.

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(Short-Term) Darkness

May 22, 2020

Obscure, vivid, blithely navigating the everyday apocalypse — Wongoon Cha’s poem “(Short-Term) Darkness” perfectly captures the bewilderment, alienation and bemused persistence of this modern world.

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A marriage of cats

October 23, 2018

Extravagance, vanity, disruption and the dreary fascinations of would-be celebrity weddings are revealed as essentially absurd in poet Tim Xonnelly’s abstruse contribution to The Fabulist.

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