Verse in diverse forms, and fantastical in flavor.

When Pandora Burns

Created as a foil for mankindthis beautiful messis — in truth — a beautiful box. A lacquered confectionof sculpted curvesand clever spaces containing centuries of ...
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(Short-Term) Darkness

I stood on the street corner and O! Theskyscraper imploded just up the street ’Twas the next neighborhood methinks.As I stood on Świętokrzyska Street,holding my ...
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A marriage of cats

they must be held still or made to stay awake the long bus ride felt like a pupae my sunburnt back crackling to crispy bits ...
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Lead Into Gold

The ennui sets in insidiously. A blue haze creeps over the horizon that marks the edge of the kingdom. Every time I look out the ...
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Portland Head Light, May 1973

These are the rocks I told you about. Sometimes the locals scramble down to collect dulse and periwinkles. You need a pin to get the ...
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Carnations, Pigeons

Every night it is the same. Her stomach rises first, lifted from the bed like a noodle across fork tines. Shoulders and legs follow, and ...
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