Verse in diverse forms, and fantastical in flavor.


Boise, Idaho, author and reference librarian Grove Koger brings us this heady, moody, mythic bit of verse, to inspire your own musings. Having arrived at ...
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The Scaffold-Girded Hypercube (Evelyn and Her Magic Violin)

Image: Detail from "La Modiste (The Milliner)," Gino Severini, oil on canvas, 1910-1911. The Spanish Surrealists are constructing a tesseract in my wife's dream On ...
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Four poems from “Ruins of a glittering palace”

  San Francisco Bay Area poet Maw Shein Win arranges perceptions in fragments, like the pieces of a broken mirror — or perhaps, and not ...
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Finding me hesitant, the daffodils fall back

By Holly Day Finding Me hesitant, the daffodils fall back as if they know their kind is alien here, in the preserved greenstone steppes once ...
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