To Broil a Horse

June 21, 2008

Title and theme went on and on: old Ralph Rinkelmann and his innumerable rubber trees in the center of a basin. And wringing from them the juice of a lemon. To broil a horse. It closed around him. Here and there, for five minutes, tender boil’d, thick, with a little milk. The major general served […]

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With Virgil

December 24, 2007

By Josh Mulholland Behind the polyglas the sky was orange over the city.  The white towers were tall and thin, with minaret tops.  Just like the snow asparagus FourMother cloned in the agrovat, Lewis thought.  Funny he’d never noticed the resemblance before. Turning from the window, Lewis moved to the low table beside the bed, […]

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Perfect Day

July 7, 2007

By Adam Myers My good friend Marianne once asked me, “What is your definition of a perfect day?” She was flipping through one of those women’s magazines, reading the questions of some quiz out loud. Kicked back on the couch, her bare feet dangling from the edge, me cross-legged on the floor. It was one […]

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