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Life outside of the moon base would be like flowers outside of the garden. Where would they grow? In the pipes and vents, blocking all ...
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King Kong on the Prairies

When King Kong toured the Canadian prairies in the early part of the previous century, the anticipatory locals were often at a loss as to ...
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One. The room is dark and stagnant, like a puddle of murky water a week after rain. There are spiders here. You’ve grown fond of ...
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The Subterranean Beasts of Electric Town

Lance had finally turned into some kind of a monster. Hal had joked that it was only a matter of time. You are what you ...
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Wax Works

No fewer than three doctors had told Icarus to not get too close to the microwave, but Icarus went ahead and got too close: we ...
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Covid 23–31 as Seen From the Conterrestrial Pre-Launch Command Center

I — Covid 23 0.75% of those infected die of complications. Many get well on their own. But a striking 3% of those infected emerge ...
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