I Will Work for Love

September 7, 2020

A domestic cyborg yearns for a life of connection and commitment, but is purchased for entirely different reasons.

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Shoppingtown (My Fantasy America III)

September 5, 2020

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s masterpiece “Invisible Cities,” Oakland author Elizabeth Gonzalaz James describes three fantastical cities encountered in her travels across an American landscape of dreams and fantasy.

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Snake Shanties

August 14, 2020

Briana took her snake carefully from the cool cave, cooing while he hissed softly. He was by far the favorite of her jump ropes. Not too long, beautiful stripes, smart and devoted completely to her.

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Listen: A Fable

August 11, 2020

Michigan author Curtis VanDonkelaar’s flash fiction “Listen: A fable” is an allusive, allegorical, and unsentimental look at the militarist imagination.

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Mother’s Fine Crockery in Shards

July 31, 2020

Amsterdam-based writer Susan Carey’s preposterous and somewhat bawdy yarn concerns a woman, a man and a talking horse. Will the marriage survive?

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St. Dymphna’s Quartet

July 22, 2020

Pennsylvania author Tom Charles Bair III brings a sense of gleeful, disjointed absurdity and determination to this tale of emotional struggle, mental illness and everyday surreality.

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