Fables, yarns, tales, fantasies, science fiction, magic realism and other fantastical flavors.

Nobody Ever Has Before

A little puddle of cooled aluminum sits on the mantelpiece above the sandstone fireplace in Baca’s living room. It’s a piece of melted engine from ...
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A Dark Sage

The boy follows a wake of crows; their shadows cast by moonlight are reflections in dark glass.  His mother has disappeared into the sky, carried ...
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On a Thursday

She met me on the bank of a river where the earth turns soft, land melding into water, solid and fading. And not far away, ...
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The Age of the Cuttlefish

In the living room of a small house on the corner of Elm and Grove, the mournful pastor sat before the saltwater aquarium and brooded ...
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The Basque Wind

Iker first came to her on a day out with friends, stopping in Durango to admire the Lariz Tower, taking the bus to Atxondo, then ...
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I Will Work for Love

Tall houses scrape at the blue, white-cloudy sky. The neighborhood grass glows green. This doesn’t look at all like the cyborg farm. My boyfriend is ...
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