Fables, yarns, tales, fantasies, science fiction, magic realism and other fantastical flavors.

Shoppingtown (My Fantasy America III)

[Author’s note: Italo Calvino’s masterpiece “Invisible Cities” finds the explorer Marco Polo describing to Emperor Kublai Khan various fantastical cities he’s encountered in his travels. ...
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Snake Shanties

Briana took her snake carefully from the cool cave, cooing while he hissed softly. He was by far the favorite of her jump ropes. Not ...
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Listen: A Fable

From my morning-quiet field I heard those martial trumpets — oh, I heard them well. I stood on my farm among my wheat in the ...
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Mother’s Fine Crockery in Shards

Amsterdam-based writer Susan Carey's preposterous and somewhat bawdy yarn concerns a woman, a man and a talking horse. Will the marriage survive? “You need to ...
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St. Dymphna’s Quartet

Pennsylvania author Tom Charles Bair III brings a sense of gleeful, disjointed absurdity and determination to real-life issues of emotional and mental illness in the ...
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Melissa wants badly to fly the drone, but Jeff might get mad. It rests on top of the fridge, like one of those giant insects ...
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