Event Horizon (1997)

Something weird is happening on a spaceship.

“Alien” meets “Hellraiser” starring Sam “Possession” Neill? Yes please!

Larry “You Probably Know Him As Laurence” Fishburne plays Captain Kirk and everybody has to strip to their underpants for cryogenia. Sam Neill plays Paul Reiser, the company man who built a spaceship called “Event Horizon” (where some rooms look like Mayan temples and others like Russian bath houses?) that comes back from outer space and makes everyone hallucinate gross stuff.

This movie makes you wait a long time for Pinhead to show up and there is no sadomasochistic sex talk, but otherwise it’s a lot of fun and will really make you think (about spiritual space-time continuums).

Spoiler alert: the end credits roll to Prodigy’s “Funky Shit”, so be prepared to start rave dancing at the end of this movie!

Check it out if you are into primitive CGI (so quaint!), homages to “The Shining,” or exploding eyeballs.

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Ajax Green

Ajax Green

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