Leona Lee and Yun Yoo drew a hopscotch course on their sidewalk.

Leona offered, “Why not double it?”

Yun countered, “Triple!”

They drew around their block and, as they were pointed that way, they continued north, through Canada, turning at Alaska. They made friends with whales who helped them cross the Bering Sea and created a whale hopscotch involving breaches.

The girls drew through Russia, China, the Gulf states, African deserts and jungles, across the Atlantic on a boat now marked for hopscotch, through South and Central America until they reached home, nearly too exhausted to play—but not quite.

Heather Bourbeau’s latest book, "Daily Palm Castings," is a collection of poems profiling people in often-overlooked professions, and inspired by works by Lyle Lovett, Wim Wenders and Studs Terkel. She is a researcher, analyst, writer and reporter specializing in government policy, human rights, international conflicts, and economic development.

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