Internet snafu may block our website

We are displeased to discover that Let’s Encrypt, a major Internet security provider, has an expired veeblefetzer, which means the necessary thingummy doesn’t properly connect to the framistan, with the result that anyone with an old and un-updated operating system on their digital device will not be able to access our website.

Instead, you’ll get a “security risk” warning of one sort or another. Don’t worry! It’s an error.

You can learn more about this extra-magical snafu via this handy TechCrunch article.

Let’s Encrypt themselves has a more wonky item describing exactly how this all went haywire.

Fortunately, there is a solution! You simply have to update your OS and/or browser, and a special elf will crawl out of the obsolete USB port in your deviiice, and manually reconfigure everything so that you can get our excellent fiction, poetry, art and reviews.

Everything in this post is true.

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