Introducing The Pocket Pixelarium: Our New e-Zine


We’re pleased to share with you the debut edition of our new e-zine, The Pocket Pixelarium.

Scoot on over to our Patreon page to grab yourself a free copy in EPUB, MOBI and PDF.

Future editions of the Pixelarium will be available only to our Lore Keeper patrons on Patreon, but we’re making the first few issues free to the public in all formats. 


“The Island of Free Women,” by D.S.G. Burke

“You Can Take It From Here,” by Marguerite Hogan

“Galatea’s Lament,” poetry by Jon Etter

Reviews: Villeneuve’s “Dune”; Jadie Jang’s “Monkey Around” 

Editorial: “Here is the Future You Requested” 

Download your free cop of The Pocket Pixelarium Vol. 1, No. 1 today.
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