It’s Flowering Time • May 2021

Welcome back to The Fabulist, where our May issue is in bloom with fantastical fiction, poetry, art, plus some new nonfiction reviews and essays.

We’re still figuring this “issues” thing out, so our lineup may change without notice. One item of note is that we’ll be launching a new movie-review column every week, authored by the hilariously deadpan Ajax Green; we’ll update this space when those are in the queue.

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The Fabulist Words & Art presents …

“It’s Flowering Time”

May 2021 • Vol. 15, No. 3

What do you do when “the blossoms refuse to leave you”? In “Blooming,” by Sophia Colby, a young protagonist with a fantastical floral affliction follows a poignant, but never sentimental, path from stigmatization to proudly thorny acceptance. (May 7)

A publicity tour by a famously supersized ape tests local resources, but locals are glad to accommodate the giant beast, in “King Kong on the Prairies,” a quirky little historical annotation by Andrew Rai Berzins. (May 14)

In “A Million Masks of God,” Arthur Kwon Lee’s acrylic-on-canvas paintings capture fragments of myth, religion, psychology, and 21st century media. (May 21)

There’s no place like home, but our dreams of an Earthly paradise may be bigger than a lunar greenhouse can contain, in “Eden,” by Adam Masdiaz. (May 28)

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