NASA’s media archive is now open to the public

NASA has opened its entire media library to the public, for free. This includes photos, audio recordings and videos, with subjects ranging from earthbound crew, gear and launch operations, to concept designs, scientific observations and cosmic spectacle at the interplanetary and interstellar scale.

Consider the image above of Jupiter and its aurora, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope and enhanced by measurements made by the Juno observer spacecraft.

You can search the NASA media archive by topic, keep up with the latest uploads, and dig deep into its historic scientific record.

This picture of Neptune was produced from the last whole planet images taken through the green and orange filters on NASA’s Voyager 2 narrow angle camera. The images were taken at a range of 4.4 million miles from the planet, 4 days and 20 hours before closest approach.
The Crab Nebula as seen from five observatories
The Andromeda Galaxy as imaged by the NASA Galaxy Evolution Explorer
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J. Phantizorn

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