New art, new writing, our new online home, and other good hopes

It’s a strange time to be announcing debuts, but we have a little bundle of them, which we offer forthwith in the hopes that they will provide some meaningful diversion in this time of pandemic struggle and separation.

They are, in brief:

• A call for art (deadline May 29)
• A new online gallery (and it’s an eyeful!)
• A new review (for all you audiobook fans)
• A new website and a new URL (a .com, if you can believe it)

Now, a little more depth.

Call for art

We’re pleased to share that Fabulist Art Director Adam Myers has announced an open call for fantastical art — deadline May 29.

You can get all the details on the open call itself, where you’ll also find our Submittable submissions link.

View the Summer 2020 Call for Art submissions guidelines

Please do check it out, share, and submit your own work, if you are so moved.

‘Read Me a Story’ + ‘Spectral Symmetries’

We love, and live for, great creative works of all sorts, and are thrilled to share a new review, and an arrestingly fresh new gallery.

“SPECTRAL SYMMETRIES: SELF-PORTRAITURE BY BRENDA MANN HAMMACK.” These images are startling and insightful glimpses of the self in all its intimate intricacies. Hammack’s fantastical selfies are magical, surreal, beautiful, and perhaps even disturbing.

“READ ME A STORY: LIBRO.FM AND THE RISE OF THE INDIE AUDIOBOOK,” by Melinda Rose. We’re so proud to share Melinda’s review of an important alternative to the Amazon-owned Audible empire. Her love of literature, and of the performances of talented readers, is a gift to story fans everywhere.

(And many thanks to our friends at Borderlands Books in San Francisco for encouraging us to connect with Melinda and republish her essay, which originally appeared in the Borderlands email newsletter.)

New digital digs

This one’s been in the works for months, and couldn’t have happened without the support of the Tech Liminal Word Press coaching crew and Site District web hosting, both in lovely Oakland, California.

When designing the site, we went for a clean aesthetic style, and a design ethos of “form follows function.”

And functional it is: The new site can handle fiction, poetry, galleries, and nonfiction; you can sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media; all of the material we publish can be easily shared and commented upon; you can send a letter to the editors, learn about our latest open calls, and view our list of contributors; and it works on your mobile device as well.

With the new site comes a new URL: The Fabulist Words & Art can now be found at

Please, click around the site and let us know what you think.

(Our old dot-org URL will still send you to the new site, and all your old bookmarks should take you to your favorite stories in their new .com home.)

Thank you & welcome

Stories, poetry, art and good conversation can bridge us all through times of struggle, confusion, and despair.

We offer you what we have, and you will always be welcome back for more.

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