New Existence

Another absurdist downward spiral pieced together from scraps of spam email, compressed together in the greasy fist of the writer.

She pervades all things.

1918 was the best of all creatures. You fear possible negative public feeling against them, and you cannot now retain my attention. Besides learned men from his meditation days, by asking of the north, she held him over a vat, a very large party with death. Know me who I am: the slayer of my predecessor in the prefecture below this one (1-f-1).

Project Gutenberg volunteers never forget what happened to the professor.

He tells me he is going to be the son of Kunti, and represent. “Oh, bollocks onto the King and his Great Aunt!”

Chimed in Wilson: “How are the mighty? I leave that to the issues of your new existence. Shall I think of thee? The word bhava in the second present parochial church is already dedicated: it lays on the floor, dead.”

His blue eyes were that of celestials who’ve obtained all the celestial.

Spam email arranged and massaged by Daniel “Cactus” Hintz, a San Francisco music theorist, media excavator, and post-haiku free-verse argonaut.

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Dan Hintz

Dan Hintz

Dan Hintz is a photographer, noise artist, and radio producer based in Brooklyn. He's perhaps best known for his noise and guitar work in the bands Nuclear Death Wish, Hideous Replica, Leavenworth, Alien Farm, and Hungry Ghost. Hintz also has written several books of poetry and hundreds of micro-stories. His writing has previously appeared in The Fabulist, The Wire, Facet, The Vehicle, Karamu, Option, Raygun, Huh, Bikini, San Francisco Medicine, Bullet Train, Please Shut Up Madame, and Muzzle.

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