Spring 2021: New poetry, fiction, art, and a book launch

Hello friends … without much fanfare, The Fabulist has launched its 2021 publishing schedule. We currently have new works of fiction and art in the queued up through the end of this year, plus reviews, poetry, print projects, and more.

Take note! May 15 we’re co-hosting a book launch for Jenny Bitner’s debut novel “Here is a Game We Could Play,” which includes two Fabulist favorites, “Hansel & Me,” and “The Hospital: A Game for Lovers.” Check out the event listing on Facebook.

“Grocery Store Lockdown,” a haunting hay(na)ku poem by Russell Reza-Khaliq Gonzaga, uses vivid text fragments to capture the disorienting social, cultural and mythic tensions of the COVID-19 pandemic’s early days. (April 30)

The dizzying, vivid and multi-layered artworks of “Passages & Revelations,” created by Tokyo- and Shanghai-based artist Karu Shao, have a revelatory quality that suggests passages and transitions from one state of being to another. (April 23)

“The Owl House,” a Disney children’s animation set in a Hieronymus Bosch painting, is worth a few watches. Read the review by Josh Wilson. (April 16)

In “Erewhon and Other Strange Utopias,” the subjects of Roger Leege’s digitally manipulated photographs are by turns surreal, uncanny, and rather gorgeous. (April 9)

Craig Fishbane’s “The Subterranean Beasts of Electric Town” takes an absurd and surreal turn when the protagonist wakes up in an empty Tokyo rail station in the form of a miniature kaiju. Happy April Fool’s Day. (April 1)

“Wax Works,” by Rin Kelly, is a wicked little stinger in which social satire and speculative fiction converge to burst some techno-utopian bubbles. (March 26)

Rin Kelly was a brilliant journalist and fiction writer that we lost much too early. Read an appreciation by Jenny Bitner. (March 26)

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