Our 2022 Short-Fiction Lineup — So Far

We’re thrilled to announce our initial short-fiction lineup for 2022. We will be adding new material — fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art — to our schedule throughout the year, but we’re very pleased to be able to offer this starting lineup of fresh fantasy, science fiction, surrealism, slipstream, fairy-stories, and various sorts of literary fabulism, leavened throughout with diverse flavors of humor, horror, strangeness, mystery and revelation.

About our open-call process

This year’s process was instructive. We received 350 submissions, from which we made the 26 initial selections listed below.

Moving forward we will be changing how we do open calls, so as to make the proceedings more responsive and timely. This includes doing more and shorter open calls instead of one giant, annual glumph of a submissions period.

The best ways to keep up with our forthcoming open-call announcements is, of course, to sign up for our weekly email newsletter, or follow us on Twitter. (There’s also Facebook, if you go that way.)

Where’s my manuscript?

If you submitted during our last open call and haven’t heard from us yet, that’s because your story is still in second reads.

We take a long time because we want to do justice to each submission. The process of reading slush is arduous, and the experience of a new story can vary depending on the time of day, the particular reader’s alertness, etc.

Please do feel free to query us through your Submittable account if you have any questions about the status of your manuscript.

We’ll be debuting the following new works on Friday mornings throughout 2022, starting in just a few weeks. We hope they bring you as much pleasure, fascination and provocation as they do for us.


“The Leavening Agent,” by Sati Benes Chock

“The Fleet Ones,” “Pockets,” “Universal Cognitive Maintenance,” by Claire Bateman

“Master of Birds,” by E.P. La Brecque

“Valley PTA Hair Salon,” by Drew Cushing

“No One Doesn’t Sleep,” by Rhonda Eikamp

“A Field Guide to the Ethereal Spectrum of the Night,” by Kurt Newton

“My Grandmother’s Face,” by Kellene O’Hara

“Illegible,” by Nina Toft Djanegara

“Pussy Money,” by Sepideh Saremi

“The Seedling,” “The Freedom of Surrender,” by Jason Wyman

“Her Garden Grows,” by Eve Morton

“Unrooted,” by Amanda Rizkalla

“The Blood Tree,” by Aimee Parkison

“The Exultation of Eidolochrome,” by Mel Reynes

“You Will Remember This,” by TJ Acena

“Ascension,” by Kaitlin Flynn

“The Escher Effect,” by Kiran Kaur Saini

“The Woman with the Suitcase Full of Stars,” by Carolyn Oliver

“Diary of the Last Woman on Earth,” by Bowie Rowan

“Umpteenth,” by Ewan Davis

“A Thousand Folds,” by Andy Winter

“The Hands,” by Jakob Konger

“A Missing Christmas,” by Arendse Lund

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