Passages and Revelations

Tokyo- and Shanghai-based artist Karu Shao's kaleidoscopic artworks use color and composition to give a sense of transition and revelation.

The dizzying, vivid and multi-layered artworks in Karu Shao’s “Record: You Are The Dust In The Space” have a revelatory quality that suggests passages and transitions from one state of being to another. Remember the psychedelic fugue at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”? It’s like that. Like we’re looking through a tunnel that bores through the walls of space-time. As we move forward, bits of the old world are peeled back, revealing some vivid new way of being, and seeing.

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Karu Shao

Karu Shao

Karu Shao is a contemporary artist with a diverse culture background. Born in China, living in Japan, she studied in Switzerland, Canada, and the United States. She loves culture and traditions. She uses her sense of color and composition to express her enthusiasm for contemporary human life changes. www.karushao.com • instagram.com/karu_shao/

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