Pause & Breathe: January 2021

Dear Fabulist friends and family …

We’re taking a break in January 2021 to pause, breathe, plow through a giant heap of administrative tasks, and plan for the year ahead.

January plans at The Fabulist

• We’ve got a stack of 179 submissions from our most recent open call for short fiction that still need to be reviewed. For successful submissions, we’ll work with each author to finalize the text and set up their bio and photo, while Fabulist art director Adam Myers develop an illustration. Once that’s sorted we’ll plug it all into WordPress, schedule a publication date, and off we go.

• We also need to set up and schedule the remaining art from 2020’s open call for fantastical art. There are still more than a dozen of these great artworks in the queue that we’ll be rolling out in 2021.

• There are plans afoot for new poetry and a variety of nonfiction offerings as well — reviews, essays and other such treats — plus, we need to schedule new open calls for fiction and art for the upcoming year.

Paying our contributors

The Fabulist has been an entirely volunteer effort over the past 15 years. In 2021, that’s going to change.

We are committed to paying at least a stipend or honorarium to ALL our contributors, future and past, and if we succeed in that, up the ante to a proper per-word rate.

We are considering Patreon and Kickstarter campaigns to facilitate this, and that means we need to think through incentives, rewards and products for our subscribers, patrons and supporters.

We’ll be reaching out to you in January with a short survey about how a subscription program might work for you — sign up for our email newsletter to get this, as well as any subsequent updates on new works published and any forthcoming open calls in the months ahead.

Thank you for your readership

The past year has been heartbreaking, but also full of breakthroughs.

We hope our increased rate of publication and our commitment to providing a home for great works of fantastical fiction and art has provided you with some dollop of delight, insight and distraction amidst it all.

Good words to you, big dreams, and here’s to new beginnings.

— The Fabulist Team
Josh, Adam, Russell, Jenny

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