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The Pocket Pixelarium, Winter/Spring 2023


Vol. 3, No. 1 of The Pocket Pixelarium includes 16 new works of speculative fiction, plus: Izumi Suzuki’s latest anthology reviewed by Nick Mamatas; two new books on anarchism and anticapitalism reviewed by Chris Carlsson; and Dru Oja Jay’s takedown of ChatGPT as a corporatist shill.


The Pocket Pixelarium is the quarterly e-zine of The Fabulist Words & Art, a Pushcart Prize-nominated and Utopia Award-winning online journal of the fantastical and speculative imagination. Each quarterly issue delivers 16 new works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism and speculative fiction, plus a collection of related nonfiction, including reviews, essays and interviews.

The Winter/Spring 2023 issue of The Pocket Pixelarium includes the following stories and nonfiction:

  • “We’re Always Looking for New Blood,” by Josh Bell
  • “The Blood,” by Sarah Boudreau
  • “The Troll’s Child,” by Sam Corradetti
  • “Umpteenth,” by Ewan Davis
  • “Ascension,” by Kaitlyn Flynn
  • “Each Note More Perfect Than The Last,” by Rob Francis
  • “The Hands,” by Jakob Konger
  • “Tree Full of Robins,” by Ashley Libey
  • “A Missing Christmas,” by Arendse Lund
  • “Shoulders,” by Emily Hessney Lynch
  • “The Woman With a Suitcase Full of Stars,” by Carolyn Oliver
  • “Diary of the Last Woman on Earth,” by Bowie Rowan
  • “Ansible,” by Andy Scearce
  • “The Freedom of Surrender,” by Jason Wyman
  • Essay: “AI’s Threat to Humanity is More Mundane Than We Imagine,” by Dru Oja Jay
  • Review: “So Hip It Hurts: The ‘Soft’ Science Fiction of Izumi Suzuki:” Hit Parade of Tears, Stories by Izumi Suzuki, reviewed by Nick Mamatas
  • Review: “So You Think You’re An Anarchist? The Impossible Community: Realizing Communitarian Anarchism, and Overcoming Capitalism: Strategy for the Working Class, reviewed by Chris Carlsson

Art and illustrations by Adam Myers. The Fabulist was founded in 2007 by Josh Wilson (Editor) and Adam Myers (Art Director).

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