medium_1935_-_amazing_stories_-_another_dimension_-_leo_morey1Welcome to the relaunch of! We’re thrilled to debut this new home for fables, yarns, tales and fantastical art, after many a long month of hacking away at cascading stylesheets and relatively esoteric HTML.

Glitches? We got ’em!

There are still some glitches we’re ironing out, so thanks for your patience! Consider this the proverbial shakedown cruise as the ol’ spaceship tries out its new warp engines.

About the site

Our website is a curiosity box of original works by talented contributors from around the world, and also collects digital ephemera from our Twitter feed and Facebook page. We occasionally publish books, chapbooks, posters and art prints, all of which are available at our bookstore along with fine printed works from such notable independent publishers as Manic D Press, PM Press and Tachyon Publications.

A work in progress

Please note that this new site is still under construction. We still have work to do on fonts, font sizes, the bookstore, and other design and technical issues.


The Fabulist Words & Art is now open for submissions of original works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art. You can get the details in our online submissions pages, which are hosted by Green Submissions, accessible through the dropdown menu in our “About” section. Please read the submissions guidelines carefully. In order to submit work, you will need to register with Green Submissions.

An important note about Hey Publisher

We previously used Hey Publisher as our submissions management system. Unfortunately, there was a technical error in their system, and all submitted works to The Fabulist have been erased from the Hey Publisher database.

Because submitted works and author contacts alike were all stored by Hey Publisher, and could not be backed up by our own Word Press platform, we are unable to alert authors to the loss of their work. If you have previously submitted to The Fabulist, please consider re-submitting using our new Green Submissions system.

Hey Publisher is owned and operated by Loudlever, Inc., a privately held company that theoretically has a backup of all this information. However, they have not responded to our customer-service requests, so we must consider these submissions and contacts lost.

We no longer use the Hey Publisher system, and deeply regret any inconvenience or loss this may have caused for any authors or artists who hoped to work with The Fabulist.

(Image: Amazing Stories detail by Leo Morey, 1935.)

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