Shared Delirium

In Alexander Chernavskiy's warped mobile-phone photographs, social technologies form a bridge between altered states of mind and the public consciousness. What do you want to believe?

Artist statement:

There are many ways to dissolve the perception of man and his view of reality. But there are not many ways to transfer this state to someone else, to share the impressions experienced in these bizarre states. This series — photos taken on a mobile phone with glitch effects — is an attempt to carry out such a conversion and to transfer a specific visual experience of a person who is in a modified state of consciousness. The world can be a very bizarre place, slightly similar to itself if you start traveling without the usual coordinates and multiply your own perception of the amazing. What is reality? Perhaps nothing more than what we see before us. And today, anyone can even change his or her own memory diary in the most faddish way possible, all he or she has to do is to start “delirium” in reality.

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Alexander Chernavskiy

Alexander Chernavskiy

Born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia, Alexander Chernavskiy is a Russian artist, his career emerged in the wake of the influence of documentary traditions and contemporary art as the fields of his main interest. Alexander Chernavskiy is a member of the Union of Russian Photo Artists since 2009. He was a participant of different festivals and exhibitions in Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, USA, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Belgium, Slovenia, UK, Lithuania, Turkey, Malta. In 2015-2019 he produced 6 self-published photo books. His text and artworks were published by Privatephotoreview, Sonder review, Snapdragon, Stoneboat, Raven Chronicles, Dodho, The Ocotillo Review, Obra/Artefact in recent years.

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