Shivers (1975)

A stylish apartment building is overrun by a parasitic sex leech.

A stylish apartment building is overrun by a parasitic sex leech.

This is David “What Can I Put My Penis In?” Cronenberg’s first movie and I love it: A creepy doctor creates a sexually transmitted parasite that turns people into sex maniacs in order to turn the world into a giant mindless orgy. Is that so wrong?

Cronenberg’s signature creep-out “things are moving under the skin” effect looks amazing even with a budget so low that many scenes were shot in a parking garage.

A guy who looks like a sexy David “Friends” Schwimmer is fantastic as a catatonic insurance agent who is either so inured to his humdrum job that he doesn’t notice his wife’s radical underboob, or he just can’t think about anything else but the sex leech that pokes at him from under his own skin.

Barbara “Black Sunday” Steele is the only “star” I recognized and she seemed to outclass everyone else even with a role as thing as the “lonely bather,” but the whole cast is fantastic (with the exception of the bleach blonde hero who can barely manage a light jog during a frantic chase — is he running away from sex maniacs or is he “running away” from sex maniacs?).

Check it out if you are into planned living communities, pimping your own daughter, or eating pickles all day.

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