Short Fiction Submissions, Fall ’22-Spring ’23

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Starting in October, and running at least through Spring 2023, The Fabulist Magazine will be opening a new series of monthly submissions windows for short fantastical fiction of all sorts.

Please refer to our submissions guidelines for details on what sorts of work we’re looking for, along with a regularly updated schedule of monthly submissions windows, and a link to our Submittable submissions page.

The Schedule

The Fabulist will open a submissions window for short, fantastical fiction for the first week of every month. The length of this window will be, to start, seven days, running from the first Sunday of every month starting at 12:00 a.m. and running through the following Saturday at 11:59 p.m. (This may be subject to change depending on the sort of response we get.)

We’ll be open to ALL sorts of fantastical fiction during these submissions windows. However, we’ll also have a monthly theme, to help promote our interest in diverse content across the spectrum of fantastical literature.

Fall/Winter 2022 Short Fiction Submissions

October 2-8: All fantastical fiction welcome. Special thematic interest: Dark fantasy and horror.

November 6-12: All fantastical fiction welcome. Special thematic interest: Post-colonialism.

December 4-10: All fantastical fiction welcome. Special thematic interest: Holidays and seasonal celebrations.

Winter/Spring 2023 Short Fiction Submissions

January 1-7: All fantastical fiction welcome. Special thematic interest: Hopepunk.

February 5-11: CANCELED

March 5-11: CANCELED

April 2-8: It’s on! All fantastical fiction welcome. Special thematic interests: Ecology, solarpunk & anti-dystopianism.

More on Monthly Special Themes

You can submit any sort of fantastical fiction during our submissions windows. The themes are not mandatory. You can also submit work responding to these themes during any of our submissions windows. We really just want to make sure writers recognize the expansive opportunity The Fabulist represents as a fiction venue.

If you do choose to submit work that reflects these themes, please feel free to interpret them as broadly as possible, and consider us open to any and all core genres (science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird fiction, magic realism, fairy-story), as well as their subvariants, crossovers, hybrids and mutations, including hard, soft, high, low, urban, suburban, rural, folk, literary, naive, new, old, classic, punk, prog, free, etc. & whatever.

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